The greatest painter of all time whose pieces of art still influence the current art landscape is one polymath Leonardo da, Vinci. Well, this fellow made history with the Monalisa and the Last supper painting and many professional painters have since learned a lot from Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael among other talented artists. The renaissance is regarded as the art period and it is at this time that marvelous works of art were unveiled, which were then translated to buildings and even sculptures.

Since our forefathers already did all the hard work for us, all we have to do now is think of something to paint. The above can be challenging but don’t numb your brain, just look at your environment and create the most unique pieces of art, one question though, what would you use if you were to create a very large piece of painting. Canvas would be the best material to use because for one it is light thus easy to transport, at least when compared to the hardwood panels.

Types of canvas

The two common types of canvas used by professional artists are linen and cotton, the former tends to be highly-priced because making it is more involving when compared to cotton and it is also of a higher quality. Cotton is also highly-priced since it has to be primed with the acrylic-based gesso; the above then make it the best option for use with watercolor paintings and acrylic.

However, enthusiasts can also use cotton canvases for oil painting, if you are just getting into canvas painting then you might want to use the stretched canvas. The above utilizes a wooden frame thus best for acrylic painting. Another tip for painters who want to emulate Da Vinci, before, you paint your first piece try and draw a sketch; you can use either charcoal or pencil before painting. The above is to ensure that the paint doesn’t go to places where it isn’t needed.

Tips on Buying or Selling Canvas Prints

Being a canvas print enthusiast doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to paint them, you can also be a collector and this will call for you to have a good eye to avoid being scammed. And you can also start a canvas business and earn yourself some profit by selling the fine canvas prints by the local artists.

Don’t buy canvas prints online unless you have interacted with the vendor before, don’t go for poor quality prints if you are going to resale them, because you will be killing your business on arrival. The purchase price and the selling price differ with a very big margin otherwise how will you be able to make profits.

When buying canvas prints from the art galleries be keen to see the margin, do not for one second settle with a piece of art that has not been presented to you while out of the frame. Prints are likely to suffer from discoloration due to overexposure, remember that both sunlight and fluorescent are enemies of the canvas prints.

Do not buy reproductions if you are going to sell them later if you must settle with this option then use it for home décor, because these kinds of canvas prints always have little or no value.