If you love art, then you must understand its value. Not every art you come across is real. Some malicious beings are known to take advantage of art collectors by selling fake art. Before you buy a piece of art, you need to know if it is original or not. Most people often associate the quality of a painting with its price. They view cheap pieces as poor quality and expensive ones as valuable and original. These assumptions are not always accurate, and knowing how to spot fake art can prevent you from making the wrong decision.

You can distinguish an original one from a fake one by doing comprehensive research. Ensure you spend your money on a painting which is created by one of the famous artists. If you buy art made by a particular artist, look at the work they have done in the past so that you can know their trademark style. Compare this to the painting you intend to purchase and see if the style is consistent. If it is not, the art may be fake.

You should also look at where the signature is placed on the painting. Compare this placement with some of the work that your favorite artist has done before. Determine if there are similarities in the signature. Most of the professional artists maintain the same style when signing their pieces of art.  They also match the colors of their paintings with the signature. If your favourite artist tends to include the date and time on their previous pieces, you should also check for these details on the painting you want to buy.

It is easy to spot a replica by looking at the painting closely. While an original piece does not display any traces of brush bristles, fake art does. Before you buy a painting online, find time to visit a museum, and look at the old paintings displayed there. You can learn more about the elements of an old painting from the staff. This information should help you tell the authenticity of a painting you intend to buy.

The layering of the painting can also help you determine if it is an original piece or not. Original art has a few layers that you can see through naked eyes. It is different from a fake one since this lacks to show depth. You should also ask about the types of paints used to create the piece if you go for an old painting.

If you intend to buy an expensive piece of art, get it appraised first. A certified appraiser can easily spot a fake painting from an original one. They can prevent you from making mistakes as you buy a painting and share some useful insights. During your assessment, you can also use a magnifying glass to help you spot fake art. Look at the common characteristics of a printed piece. You can also learn more about the differences between original and fake art from scarlet’s art blog. All the best!